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Bowling season starts

Indoor bowls starts again for another season next Monday, March 2.

The games, in the Tamahere Community Centre, will continue every Monday night until October.

“It is a game that is easy to learn and suitable for all ages and abilities,” says Tamahere Indoor Bowling Club secretary Jan Simmons.

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Overflowing rubbish bins, long grass and long unfinished houses plague Hart Rd

Anger grows over Hart Rd “pigsty”

There is growing anger among Hart Rd residents as they see there once quiet neighbourhood increasingly trashed and overrun with hostel-style occupants.

“There were 10 cars parked at 33 Hart Rd at 10am this morning,” said a long time resident today.

Already this year the long established residents have raised concerns about noise and partying from some of the large, eight or nine bedroom houses in the road they now say is like a pigsty.

SH1-Tamahere Dr access closed

There will be no access to Tamahere Drive from State Highway 1 at its southern end from Monday, February 16 as work on the Waikato Expressway continues.

The only access to Tamahere Drive for about a month will be from its northern end at the Airport Rd intersection.

The closure will allow HEB Construction to rework road levels on Tamahere Drive

Boy racers rile locals

Boy racers have held large, noisy gatherings on the new Pickering Rd roundabout for the last three Friday nights.

At least a hundred cars turned up last Friday with drivers doings wheelies around and over the roundabout and even in the nearby duck pond, killing the ducks, said a local resident.

Locals have called the Police but are urging more people concerned about the intimidating antics to also contact authorities with their concerns.

Water use rules tighten

The hot, dry weather and high water demand has prompted the Waikato District and Hamilton City Councils to further restrict water use.

The greater restriction – Alert Level 2 – means sprinklers and watering systems can only be used on alternate days (e.g. even street numbers on even days; odd street numbers on odd days) between 6am and 8am and 6pm and 8pm.

The change is effective from today.

Parties, noise dismay neighbours

Hart Rd residents are seeing some of their worst fears realised.

“We and our neighbours have had to ring the council on numerous occasions to ask noise control people to come out and control the noise levels at Hart Rd,” one long time resident told Tamahere Forum recently.

“Today and tonight was just way out of control,” she said of a recent Saturday. “It was like the whole street must have been having a party.”

Dogged views wanted

There are nearly 14,000 dogs in the Waikato district and changes are afoot for where they can and can’t go, and how they are treated.

The Waikato District Council is seeking locals’ views on proposed changes to the Dog Control Policy and Bylaw, which covers areas where dogs are prohibited or restricted, exercise areas for them, their classification and the requirement for some to be neutered.

The bylaw also takes in the issuing of infringement notices, impounding and disposal of dogs, and education programmes and fees.

Local Events

Bowling season starts

Indoor bowls starts again for another season next Monday, March 2.

The games, in the Tamahere Community Centre, will continue every Monday night until October.

“It is a game that is easy to learn and suitable for all ages and abilities,” says Tamahere Indoor Bowling Club secretary Jan Simmons.

Donkey wanted for star role

A donkey. A donkey. My church for a donkey, Reverend Ellen Bernstein said (more or less).

The vicar of St Stephen’s Church is desperately (kinda) seeking a donkey for a star appearance in an upcoming church service.

Anyone with a donkey who would be happy for it to clip clop up the aisle at St Stephen’s Church, Tamahere will be, err, blessed.

Local People

50CC scooters, a challenge to ride for 2500km

Brothers bike for cancer

Brothers Sam and Eli Thomas figure if they are going to have a fundraising adventure they might as well make it an epic one.

So, the intrepid pair have hatched a plan to ride two 50cc scooters the length of Vietnam – more than 2500km of third world roads – in the name of prostate cancer.

The former Tamahere School pupils – Sam now 31, Eli, 27 – have named their journey the Dong Project (they haven’t lost their school boy humour) and hope to raise at least $5000 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Jessica Strick, reflecting on lessons of the Holocaust for New Zealand

Student reflects on holocaust

Tamahere student Jessica Strick will tomorrow be awarded top honours as the winner of an inaugural essay competition reflecting on the Holocaust.

Strick won the Paul Seideman Essay Competition from students across New Zealand and will receive her prize in a ceremony at Parliament marking the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.

After receiving her prize Jessica, a year 11 student at St Peters School, Cambridge, will read her 500-word essay aloud.

Our Patch

Privet (Ligustrum species)

Pest plant now obvious

It’s the time of year when privet blossoms, making the identification of the pest plant easier than at other times of the year.

There are two main species of privet in the Waikato, tree privet and Chinese privet. Both invade the edges of forest and waste land, and can displace trees in native forests. Privet’s leaves and berries are poisonous to people and animals, and its pollen can cause breathing problems for some people.

Waikato Regional Council is reminding people who think privet on a neighbour’s property is causing them breathing problems such as hay fever that new rules are in place covering the removal of the plant.

One of the gardens featured in the St Joseph's School garden ramble

Local gardens feature

Two Tamahere gardens will feature in a fundraising garden ramble on Sunday, November 2.

The St Joseph’s School Garden Ramble will take in 13 gardens in total spread around Hamilton and surrounding rural areas, from 10am to 4pm.

Tickets are still available for the event run by the Fairfield school, which will include two vintage themed Café Gardens for people to enjoy morning tea and pick up their pre-packed lunches.

Local History


WW1 stories wanted

Waikato Museum has launched an interactive website to help uncover the untold stories of the men and women of the Waikato during World War 1.

The website has been developed to crowd-source information for a major exhibition, For us They Fell, to open on Anzac Day, April 25, 2015.

The exhibition, which will run until Armistice Day, November 11, 2018, is intended to commemorate the first century since World War 1.

The Narrows, Hunt to Way

When Deborah Hunt died in Cambridge in 1897, the Waikato Argus reported that “the old lady will be greatly missed as she was a favourite with everyone”.

Deborah Hunt was in her 91st year. She had been resident in Cambridge for several years but had lived at the Narrows from 1873 to 1862.

The Hunt family built The Narrows homestead (now Glenhope) in 1873. The house at 433 Airport Rd is listed on the Waipa District Council’s heritage schedule and it is registered by the Historic Places Trust. It is one of the oldest farm houses in the Waikato.

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