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Boat ramp: good or bad?

The Narrows Reserve boat ramp has been more like a rubbish dump than community asset at times.

Even when tidy some boat owners have found it virtually impossible to use it for its main purpose – launching boats.

But now there’s a chance to let the Waikato District Council know what’s good and bad about the Narrows Lane ramp.

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Boat ramp: good or bad?

The Narrows Reserve boat ramp has been more like a rubbish dump than community asset at times.

Even when tidy some boat owners have found it virtually impossible to use it for its main purpose – launching boats.

But now there’s a chance to let the Waikato District Council know what’s good and bad about the Narrows Lane ramp.

Tamahere ward councillor Aksel Bech will be sworn into office with a new name

Aksel’s new name for new job

Tamahere got a new councillor at the recent local body election but now the novelty has gone a step further.
The erstwhile Aksel Jepsen has a freshly minted surname.
From now on he will be Aksel Bech, the new surname previously his middle name and drawn from his mother’s maiden name.

Tamahere Community Committee

Community enthusiasm high

Enthusiasm is so great for the Tamahere Community Committee that its membership has risen by two.

Fourteen people were nominated for the 12 positions on the committee at tonight’s election meeting, chaired by Waikato District Council chief executive Gavin Ion.

But rather than douse the eagerness and turn away keen locals the meeting decided to increase the representative group’s numbers.

WDC focus on sustainable growth

Waikato District Council has met its financial targets for the past year, and is focused on managing rapid growth in ways that are socially, environmentally and economically sustainable.

The council has just published its Annual Report and Summary here online after adopting the Annual Report on October 3, shortly before the local body elections.

“We’ve set rates and debt levels that balance affordability with the need to provide for our growing community,” said Mayor Allan Sanson in a statement.

Nothing was salvageable from the Vintners Lane house.

Vintners Lane house gutted

An elderly woman holidaying with family in New Zealand went to feed the chickens at her daughter’s Tamahere home, unaware a fire had ignited inside.

The ferocious fire gutted the family home of 12 years in Vintners Lane, Tamahere, on Wednesday evening.

Fire crews were forced to pump water from the neighbour’s swimming pool to douse the flames that ripped through the 20 by 10 metre home.

The style of the Tamahere's new commercial area will be considered by the new community committee

Chance to shape Tamahere

Wait there’s more – one more election before all of Tamahere’s community representatives are in place for another three years.

The election of the Tamahere Community Committee will take place next Monday, October 17 at 7.30pm in the Tamahere Community Centre.

The committee represents an opportunity for locals to shape Tamahere at a time when it is growing and changing at a rapid rate.

Local Events

It's easy to fill our baskets with tasty food at the Tamahere Market

Market delivers meal bag

It’s a cinch to leave the Tamahere Market with a week’s worth of tasty meals in our baskets.

This Saturday’s market will be no exception with pasta, meats, fish, fresh vegetables, fruit and, of course, avocados ready to tumble from the stalls into our eager hands.

Then there are the immediate treats – pastries, cakes, coffee – that we all enjoy at the market or soon after.

Oyster catchers among the sea spray by Liz Turnbull

Art under a big sky

The latest exhibition at Inspirit Gallery is Under A Big Sky, a solo exhibition by Katikati artist Liz Turnbull.
The works in the exhibition, which started today and runs until November 8, draw comparison with Monet and Turner, both of whom have influenced Turnbull’s art.
After very successful exhibitions at the New Zealand Artshow and the Christchurch Artshow, Turnbull has gained a loyal following.

Local People

John Butcher won more than 300 races as a driver

Trainer read horses, people

John Butcher will be partly remembered for the horses he owned and trained: Susan Blue, Shanandoah, Val Averil, Gay Reel, Ponty, Lorator, Prince Polka, Tobias, Desiree, Mathias, Josias, Abdias, Onias, Sophanias, Count Isa, Smooth Performer, Tooraloo – to name but a few.

Others would probably recount his wins as a driver – 305 at least, although no one is quite sure of the real total.

Alternatively, perhaps, the measure lies in the 717 winners he turned out as a trainer in his own right or in partnership with his son David, an achievement that led to his election to the Harness Racing Hall of Fame.

Inspiring: the cookbook that could build a swimming pool.

Cookbook makes splash

Can a book build a swimming pool?
The inspired and hard working Tamahere women behind the impressive Divine Eats, a cookbook from the heart of Tamahere, are giving it their best shot.
The 432-page, hardback book they have created features 285 recipes, stunning photographs of food but also of so much else local that it makes for a beautifully rendered slice of Tamahere in time.

Our Patch

Twiply video

Soaring views of golf course

A spectacular fly-over video of Tamahere’s Narrows Golf Course enables it to be seen as never before.

The short film by videographers Nick Hanna and Yann Roghi of Twiply Studio provides a soaring, bird’s eye view of the Riverside Golf Club’s beautiful course beside the Waikato River.

See below for the breathtaking views which suggest that if golf is not just a good walk spoiled then golfers are very lucky indeed to have crafted beautiful spots in which to play their game.

The Red Cross Book Fair will be at the Te Rapa Racecourse from August 26-28

Fair reveals book trends

The Red Cross Book Fair, the oldest book fair in the Waikato, turns 20 this year and is still going strong in the e-reader era.

In fact, notes long time co-organiser Philippa Robertson the news recently was all about people’s dwindling fascination with Kindles.

Regardless of the debate over how we read the Red Cross Book Fair, held annually each August, has only known one trend in its two decades – an ever growing number of readers eager to be matched with recycled books.

Local History

Back in the picture. Wayne Grattan addressing media following the fatal 2008 fire. (Photo: Waikato Times)

Icepak site sale disappoints

The sale this week of the former Icepak site has failed to sever links with its tragic past.

The derelict site in central Tamahere was bought by one of the architects of the tragedy that cost the life of a firefighter in 2008, former Icepak director Wayne Grattan.

Grattan, who was personally fined $30,000 for his part in the death of firefighter Derek Lovell and injury to seven others, paid $865,000 for the former coolstore site where the disaster played out eight years ago.

The sprawling Fieldays pops up on our doorstep

Mystery flows on

The National Agricultural Fieldays are three weeks away and again sparking interest in the mystery that gave their venue its name – Mystery Creek.

Explaining the mystery has become a hardy annual for writers filling publications in the lead up to the Fieldays, this year on from June 15 to 18.

Tamahere Forum has already fielded a request for an explanation of the mystery which, according to the Cambridge Museum, has grown more mysterious over the years.