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Waikato mayors talk recovery

Waikato political leaders will meet on Monday, March 30, via teleconference to discuss Covid-19 and its significant economic and social impacts on the region.

They will focus specifically on how Waikato authorities can come together to kick start an economic recovery.

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Waikato mayors talk recovery

Waikato political leaders will meet on Monday, March 30, via teleconference to discuss Covid-19 and its significant economic and social impacts on the region.

They will focus specifically on how Waikato authorities can come together to kick start an economic recovery.

Fear and greed repeated lead to broke

Money lessons for the times

The quickest way to lose money right now is to move investments into cash, writes financial adviser Janet Natta.

At present, the financial markets have fallen sharply in a very short space of time.  Financial markets hate uncertainty and we are living in very uncertain times.

Rubbish, water all go

Rubbish collections and other essential services will continue in the Waikato district but the council offices and sites are now closed to the public.

As of today, Tuesday, March 24, Covid-19 Alert Level 3 is in place, requiring public venues to close and for businesses and organisations to enforce alternative ways of working to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

From midnight tomorrow, Wednesday, March 25, Alert Level 4 will be in place which instructs people to stay at home.

Waikato facilities close

Waikato District Council community facilities will be closed from Monday, March 23 as a precaution to slow the spread of COVID-19.

The Government has put limits on the number of people who can gather in a space and is urging the practice of ‘physical distancing’– maintaining a space of two metres between people.

Life with coronavirus

The impacts of the highly infectious novel coronavirus Covid-19 are spreading throughout our local community and New Zealand.

We will all know people whose health is at risk or whose jobs and incomes, businesses, life or travel plans have been affected.

We will all need to be alert to ways we can support our family, friends and communities in the days, weeks and months ahead. Here’s a start for what we can do in Tamahere.

WDC plans climate response

New Zealand’s local councils increasingly recognise they have a duty to act on the climate crisis and are working to meet its challenges.

“We’re not waiting for Government,” Dunedin mayor Aaron Hawkins told Newsroom.

In the Waikato district, deputy mayor and Tamahere councillor Aksel Bech promised after his re-election that he would develop a council response to climate change “with priority and urgency”.

Local Events

Tamahere Country e-Market

Support NZ; buy local

We may be confined to our homes but we still need to buy necessities, the odd treat and probably a birthday present or two.

With the economy tanking it’s time to think strategically and buy New Zealand-made whenever we can. Even better Waikato-made.

The Tamahere Country Market stallholders who make our monthly market such a vibrant and happy outing are now just a click away here online.

Dinosaurs wow museum visitors

Waikato Museum will be the first in New Zealand to show the latest international exhibition about dinosaurs that has wowed thousands of Australians.

Opening on Saturday, March 7, Dinosaur rEvolution: Secrets of Survival unveils the latest research about these extraordinary creatures that ruled the earth until 65 million years ago.

This family-friendly exhibition uses life-sized animated models, skeletons, fossils and dig pits to show the bizarre and complex way in which dinosaurs evolved.

Our Patch

PCs in coronavirus fight

Somewhat surprisingly, heating your room with a computer is as efficient, energy-wise, as heating it with a regular heater – that is to say, watt-for-watt, the computer delivers equivalent performance in terms of generating heat.

And while it’s heating your room it can be used by researchers to fight disease – like the coronavirus, Covid-19.

Cookbook tastes Waikato

Taste Waikato — a cookbook that takes your tastebuds around our region — was conceived as a fund-raiser for Rotary Cambridge and is proving to be a great success.

Offering easy, innovative recipes created and photographed by Cambridge-based food professional Jan Bilton it has so far raised $39,000 for local charities.

Local People

The day the world changed

The day the world changed our far flung family got together on a WhatsApp group and traded thoughts, photos and the usual friendly ribbing.

In Vancouver, Katikati, Mt Maunganui, Hamilton and Tamahere spirits lifted for mums and dads, cousins, nieces and nephews, kids, grandkids and grandparents. Gosh that was only yesterday!

Adventures for outdoor kids

Sometimes it can be a struggle to wrangle the kids outdoors during summer.

But one Hamilton mum is making it easier to ditch the devices and connect kids to nature.

After ending up knee-deep in a murky lake with her young son in a buggy, Ceana Priest knew there had to be a better way to find kid-friendly adventures.

Local History

Tamihana, a NZ great

Tamahere’s preeminent historical figure, Ngati Haua rangatira Wiremu Tamihana, has again been hailed as one of New Zealand’s greatest figures.

Yesterday, to mark the reprinting of the seminal, 2002 biography by Dame Evelyn Stokes, Wiremu Tamihana Rangatira, historian Vincent O’Malley gave a public lecture at Waikato University.

To a large audience that included many Ngati Haua, O’Malley said the evidence Tamihana was one of the most outstanding people in NZ history was overwhelming.

Anzac Day gordonton

Matangi’s historic Armistice Day

Armistice Day, November 11, will be a particularly historic day in Matangi this year.

For more than a hundred years, locals have called for a Roll of Honour for those from the Matangi district who served in the armed forces during World War 1. One hundred and four years later, that day has finally arrived.

At 11am on Sunday November 11, the Roll of Honour will be placed in the Matangi Hall, 480 Tauwhare Rd.