Icepak office returns to fire site


Icepak this morning moved portable buildings on to its Tamahere site to serve as office accommodation. It is likely to be an unpopular development for many locals.
Icepak portacom offices
Icepak moves portable offices on to the Tamahere fire site

Since the deadly April 5 fire that destroyed all but one coolstore, the company’s headquarters have been the top floor of the nearby Tamahere Community Centre. Two weeks ago, however, the centre committee gave the company notice to quit the building. The reasons given were that the committee’s constitution does not allow it to rent the centre for business activities and it also had forward bookings for the entire complex.

It was an acrimonious meeting that made the decision to give Icepak notice and brought the resignation of chairman Andrew Gibson.

In a May 23 letter to Tamahere residents Icepak managing director Wayne Grattan said the temporary offices would be placed on the site close to the canopy of the remaining coolstore building.

“Once again I reiterate that we are still investigating options for our permanent business location, and can assure you no decision has been made regarding the future of the Tamahere site,” he said.

However, several Tamahere residents have questioned why any offices need to be at Tamahere when the company has no coolstorage activity on the site. It does at its Waharoa site.
Icepak portacom
The portable buildings to house Icepak offices
Remaining Icepak coolstore
The Tamahere coolstore that survived the April 5 explosion and fire. It cannot be used again until it is re-certified under the Building Code by the Waikato District Council

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