Tamahere rallies to action group call


Tamahere residents have been quick to show their support for the newly formed Tamahere Fire Action Group, which is opposed to the Icepak coolstores being rebuilt on the site razed by fire on April 5.
Fire site and school
An aerial view of the fire site before clean up showing the closeby Tamahere school and homes

“It’s amazing that someone would want to re-establish a coolstore!!!” wrote one Tamahere resident on a flyer circulated in Tamahere last week by the action group.

His was one of many responses stating opposition to the re-build of coolstores or similar industrial activity on the site that was mailed, faxed or emailed to the group.

Other comments included “we are 100% behind you on opposing a rebuild,” “I am determined to stop any form of Icepak rebuild,” and “wholeheartedly support the goal of opposing the re-establishment of Icepak at the Tamahere site, or in any other location close to residential dwellings or schools.”

In the flood of support there have been just two responses questioning the group’s action. Ross thought the protest signs that went up in the district last week made the area look untidy and “down market.” He didn’t say what he felt the fatal fire and associated pollution had contributed to the area.

No one has claimed responsibility for putting up the placards and the action group has denied involvement but supported the sentiment.

An anonymous phone caller wanted to know whether group contact person Philippa Stevenson personally had bought a property in the area next to the Icepak site. Philippa has lived in Tamahere for around 20 years, and been a regular visitor for nearly 30. In that time the coolstores have grown enormously in size while the area has gone from mostly horticulture and farming to predominantly rural residential making the continued growth of an industrial complex out of kilter with the surroundings.

Also Anon might want to take into account that people don’t like other neighbours whose activities result in the neighbourhood blowing up and killing, injuring and terrifying innocent bystanders.

The formative members of the Tamahere Fire Action Group are heartened by the support and commitment of Tamahere people. As well as responding on the flyers messages are welcome on this blog. Above the comment box enter a name and an email address (which won’t show on the site), write and submit your comment.

One thought on “Tamahere rallies to action group call

  • June 30, 2008 at 1:30 pm

    I don’t think that a witch hunt is appropriate with regards to Icepak, however I do endorse the message that the signs which mysteriously appeared in the neighbourhood were expressing. I don’t see how they made the area look messy or downmarket any more than the mess left behind by the fire at the coolstores. The signs went up I suspect because of someones frustration and anger with Icepak’s inability to be open or communicative with the Tamahere Community, and with the fear that they will seek to rebuild the coolstores. At this stage I believe that they intend to fly in the face of the opinions of Tamahere residents and apply to rebuild. I believe that they will be thoroughly researching ways to achieve this. I also think that it is time for the WDC to have a backbone and think outside the crock that they call Resource Consent (otherwise known as Revenue Collection) and to listen to the residents of our community who overwhelmingly say no to any industrial activity at the Icepak site.


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