School head clarifies statement


Tamahere School principal Waveney Parker has felt obliged to clarify a quote in a media report about the return of Icepak offices to its site, according to this week’s school newsletter.

In a Waikato Times report last week about reaction to Icepak moving portable offices on to its site, Ms Parker said that while the school was opposed to Icepak re-building she felt the company could do whatever it liked with its land.

The school board of trustees has voted unanimously to oppose a re-build by Icepak or other industrial use of the site.

In a front page comment in the June 11 school newsletter, Ms Parker clarified her comment.

“I am very much part of the Board of Trustees, and fully endorse our stand that Tamahere Model Country School opposes any kind of industrial redevelopment on the current Icepak site due to health and safety concerns for our students,” she wrote.

“We are very aware of the impact the Icepak tragedy has had on our students and many other people in our community,” she continued.

Writing of the protest signs that were plastered around the district last week calling for Icepak to leave the area, Ms Parker said they had “unsettled some of our students, parents and staff.

“We do not believe it is in the best interests of our students to be drawn into such an emotionally charged campaign,” she said. “However we hold firm to our position that we will not accept any industrial redevelopment on the Icepak site and will continue to exert our influence through all the appropriate channels.”

She explained that the Tamahere Fire Action Group flyer in the school’s June 5 newsletter had been included to inform parents of school pupils who were not on Tamahere’s RD3 mail run.

The full school newsletter is here (pdf): tamahere-school-newsletter-june-11

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