Cabinet Ministers to respond


Three Cabinet Ministers are addressing concerns raised by the Tamahere community over the Icepak Tamahere fire.

At the request of the Tamahere Fire Action Group, Act MP Rodney Hide raised questions and concerns on a raft of issues with Internal Affairs Minister Rick Barker whose portfolio responsibilities include the Fire Service.

Barker visited the Waikato on April 6, the day after the fire began and said then that the Government would consider an inquiry into the explosion and fire at Tamahere following Fire Service investigations.

In a letter replying to Hide, Barker said some of the questions raised by Leo Koppens [on behalf of the Tamahere Fire Action Group] fell into the portfolio areas of his colleagues the Minister for the Environment and the Minister for Building and Construction as well as his own portfolio.

The other Ministers would be asked for their replies to the issues raised, while Barker said he would “attend to any issues of public interest related to the provision of fire services which may result from the [Fire Service] inquiries.”

The letter is here (pdf) rick-barker-letter

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