Cheese washed up


Hundreds of “greasy bricks” of cheese have been found in a Tamahere gully three months after the fire at the Icepak coolstores and long after it was thought a clean up had been completed.

Tamahere resident Adrian McCreesh was chopping wood last week when he found the cheese on two neighbouring properties, reported the Cambridge Edition today.

Environment Waikato resource officer Jonathan Caldwell inspected the gully on Monday and told the paper the cheese had been left to rot in a wetland because it was overgrown and access was difficult.

It appeared heavy rain had caused some of the cheese to move downstream where McCreesh found it, said Caldwell who contacted Icepak to arrange a clean up.

Cheese was the main product stored at the Icepak coolstores at the time of the April 5 fire and fueled the inferno for most of its seven days. Large quantities of cheese was also flushed down drains and into neighbouring gullies by the water poured on the blaze though much was diverted into ponds dug during the emergency on neighbouring fields.

The Waikato Times also reported the story on July 12.

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