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A sand quarry and processing plant proposed for the centre of Tamahere is to be discussed at a public meeting in the Tamahere Community Centre at 7.30pm on Thursday, December 18.

The meeting has been called and will be chaired by the Tamahere Community Committee (TCC).

Brief details about the proposed quarry are below and more information will be available at the meeting. For more information from the TCC before then email Maggie Wilcock or phone her on [07] 856-7633.

Proposed Tamahere sand quarry and processing plant

Location: Corner State Highway 1 and Tauwhare Rd, Tamahere.

Owner: Titoki Sands Ltd (Directors Darrin Bourke, Mark Eman, Russell Fergusson, Brian Hermann, Nicholas Maire, Frank van den Heuvel, Marc van den Heuvel).

Site: 51.7ha. Tauwhare Rd frontage 93.7m, SH1 frontage 1.3km.

Zoning: Rural. The quarry will require a land use consent for a discretionary activity from the Waikato District Council, and a range of resource consents from Environment Waikato.

Site access: A new road into the site is proposed to be built from Tauwhare Rd, which will include construction of a new roundabout on the corner of Woodcock and Tauwhare Roads.

Sand quarrying volumes: 150,000 cubic metres in the first year.
250,000 cubic metres in the second year.
350,000 cubic metres per year from third year.

Hours of operation: 12 hours each day, six days a week (Mon to Sat) from 7am to 7pm, 300 days per year.

Truck movements: 120 truck and trailer movements per day (on average). Truck capacity is 20 tonnes. It is estimated 85% of truck movements will be towards SH1, and 15% will be towards Matangi.

Other traffic: About 40 small vehicle movements per day.

On-site processing: Mobile screening plant screens sand or soil into different sizes, which are then stockpiled. Plant and stockpiles to cover approximately 1.5ha but likely to move around site over time.

Stockpiling: Maximum volume of around 60,000 cubic metres.

Reinstatement: To be carried out on an ongoing basis using clean fill material such as construction excavations and the site’s own overburden.

Hazardous substances: Fuel and oils required for use with the construction and plant equipment and likely to be: 5000 litres of diesel, 200 litres of oil, 200 litres of hydraulic oil, 40 litres of grease.

(Source: Bloxham Burnett Olliver, engineers, planners and surveyors. Advisory on behalf of Titoki Sands Ltd to nearby residents.)

8 thoughts on “Public meeting on sand quarry

  • April 19, 2009 at 8:10 pm

    We were unaware any Public Meeting was held in December! You may ask were have we been .Well about 2 years ago we heard that a quarry may be developed. Only 2 weeks ago a neighbour brought the information that was distrubuted by Bloxam Burnett Oliver to some as far back as Sept last year.On ringing the Surveyor the reason given as to why we did not get it was that we are more than 200mtrs from the edge of the quarry and it would have no effect on us!
    How’s 250mtrs from the edge. We as residents of Villa Grove feel it was a deliberate move to keep the information from us while Titioki Estates got all their “ducks ” lined up satisfied the Local Iwi DOC and got into bed with the council to provide the Council with a subsidised round about.
    We now know about the truck movements but has the truck movements with back fill back into the Quarry been measured.
    We Residents of Villla Grove met with a director of Titoki Estates and a Rep From Bloxam Burnett and Oliver last week.Of course we got all the reasurances that the operation will have no effect on us.
    Do they think we are stupid !
    The reality will be that our properties will be devalued ever further as are now designated rural at the latest wim of the council.
    We personally do not trust what is said to be democratic process.

  • December 27, 2008 at 7:54 am

    Please send me an email as above, including your name, if you want to assist. Please refer to my first message above. At this stage just gathering interested names & open to helpful suggestions.

    I trust the big fat fella was good to you all

  • December 24, 2008 at 4:02 pm

    I am a Woodcock Road resident absolutely opposed to this quarry and its detrimental affects to our community. I have briefly spoken to members of the TCC & Fight for Tamahere groups and it seems clear to me that those of us most affected should get together separately from the aforementioned groups and add our voice to the opposition.

    If we don’t do anything then our lifestyles and property values will be negatively affected, most obviously by hundreds of daily, dangerous and noisy truck movement’s on our roads.

    How the council could entertain such a thing right next to a country living zone doesn’t strike me as a council that will necessarily act in our best interests. We pay a lot in rates and I would expect better.

    I am in the process of setting up an email address specifically for this purpose and will advise this email address after xmas.

    Anyone who would like to communicate with us please watch this space. Please let other residents know and if anyone else is in the process of doing the same as me, please let me know so we can work together.

    Merry xmas

  • December 18, 2008 at 9:48 pm

    I’ve just returned from the public meeting at which Titoki and its consultants explained their plans. It was clear that the TCC intends to make a submission on the application when it is made. I would presume that the TCC’s submission would reflect the community’s views, including those in the Tamahere Community Plan.

  • December 18, 2008 at 4:04 pm

    I am confused, can the elected representatives of the TCC not remember the Tamahere Community Plan in which they clearly state that the Tamahere community does not wish to encourage any further industrial development. Has this view changed?

  • December 15, 2008 at 8:16 pm

    Joanne, the TCC has expressed no view here. The details here are provided for information only. The public meeting on Thursday will probably be the best place to gauge opinion.

  • December 15, 2008 at 6:40 pm

    Just wondered what the Tamahere Community Committee’s view is of this proposal as it is unclear.

  • December 11, 2008 at 10:25 pm

    If the waikato district Council wants another headache they certainly will have one.
    Where does this fit into the country living zone for the people of


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