Chem sellers back online


Trade Me has decided to let its users continue to sell chemicals on its site that could potentially be used to make bombs, after being alerted to the practice by a Tamahere man and an uproar by industry experts last week.

However, its decision has angered one of the country’s leading pyrotechnicians, reports the Waikato Times.

Victoria University business student Jason Frame was spotted selling the chemicals under his former username “countingsheep1” on Trade Me last week, the paper said.

The 19-year-old was also busted using details of a Hawke’s Bay friend to set up the account.

Mr Frame’s listing was removed on Saturday night before Trade Me representatives met Environmental Risk Management Authority (Erma) officials earlier this week to discuss their options.

Trade Me spokesman Chris Budge said three people, including Mr Frame, had been selling the chemicals on Trade Me.

The chemicals had been temporarily pulled from the site as sellers re-worded their listings.

“We have had discussions with the fellas involved,” Mr Budge said.

“However, we will look at putting the items back as soon as we have established some initial rules. They can’t talk about explosives, pyrotechnics or bombs.”

Pictures would also have to be the lister’s own photos, rather than file photos, and not indicate a “dishonest purpose”.

Hamilton’s Martin van Tiel, one of the country’s leading pyrotechnicians, was unimpressed.

“I would say that Trade Me hasn’t looked at its social responsibility. They’ve obviously just looked at it from their legal requirement and obviously those who are selling the chemicals have no moral responsibility. They’re purely money driven.”

Mr Budge said Trade Me would follow Erma’s advice.

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