Gallery to host writing course


Tamahere’s Inspirit Gallery is hosting a writing workshop for women with author and award-winning magazine editor Lindsey Dawson in April.

The Story of My Life one-day workshop on Monday, April 26 at the Pencarrow Rd gallery is billed as a way for women to share some of the big moments in their lives. No previous writing experience is necessary.

Lindsey Dawson

“The writing we will do can be the start of a journal you can keep adding to for your own pleasure or to hand on to your family,” Dawson says.

“It’s all too common for many older women to feel a little invisible in a world that worships youth and beauty. This is a day for stepping into a deeper kind of beauty. In tribal societies older women are honoured for their wisdom. You can own that identity too.

“You’ll create a unique notebook that you’ll want to keep adding to once you’ve returned home. As you progress, you will gain more understanding of the steps that have brought you this far. Soon you’ll be setting down the evidence of a life well-lived – your life, with all your memories of complexity, richness, drama and humour. It can be part-memoir, part-vision document, part-storehouse of everything that’s important to you.”

Dawson says sharing stories is part of the delight of the course. “So come prepared to read out loud to the group at least some of the writing that you’ll do. In the friendship that builds around the table, everyone gets to feel comfortable about this. The idea is to aid everyone in understanding and appreciating the great tales we all have inside us.”

Click here for more information about the Tamahere writing workshop.

Dawson is also holding the course in Auckland in May. Click here for more info on her website.

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