Mayoral hopefuls have say on Tamahere


The three mayoral candidates standing for election to the Waikato District Council have given their views on Tamahere at the invitation of the Tamahere Community Committee.

Tamahere ward councillor Wally Hayes has been elected unopposed but Tamahere people can still vote for their choice of mayor from the three candidates, current Waikato deputy mayor, Clint Baddeley, sitting district councillor Allan Sanson, and sitting Huntly Community Board member, Frank McInally.

The candidates provided the following views on Tamahere after the community committee asked them to respond in around 300 words describing how they plan to support the Tamahere community if elected mayor, and where they see Tamahere’s considerable rates money going in the future.

Their replies, in alphabetical order, are:

Clint Baddeley

The Waikato District is made up of quite different communities, and as Mayor I would recognise that residents value their community’s distinctions and I would work hard to make sure that such characteristics are preserved and the views of residents, such as those of Tamahere are heard.

I have taken a great deal of interest in Tamahere and have worked closely with your elected representative, Wally Hayes, and have supported him in his advocacy in council on your behalf.

One issue I believe makes me different from the other candidates is that I support the concept of community boards. I believe that Tamahere should have a community board and like other boards it should have delegated authority to deal with agreed issues locally.

I have a long-held view about social development within our communities and I see that Tamahere will need more investment in this area in the future to complement the focus around the school and your hall. That’s a decision that you will make through the Structure Planning process that is currently being undertaken. I’m fully aware that this process can be a challenge, but nevertheless it can also be an exciting process as I have observed when I have attended open days in your Village and listened to the passion expressed. I feel that together we will have outcomes that are sustainable for your lifestyle location and our cistrict as a whole.

As a district composed of a number of communities it is important that there is fair distribution of funds and I am aware that Tamahere’s contribution is significant due to its popularity as a premier lifestyle spot in the Waikato. As with the other communities in the Waikato district the decision about distribution of funds is based on priority of need. I am conscious that this is not always apparent or popular with all ratepayers but it is an essential process if we are to meet reasonable societal needs across the board in our district.

My experience in working for our communities even outside Council in such roles as Chairman of Wintec’s Building and Assets, and Deputy Chair of Trust Waikato has given me the skills and experience to lead the Waikato District Council into the next stage of the wider regional development.

Frank McInally

I am a self employed, blue collar worker, married with three adult children. I have served three terms on the Huntly Community Board and a three-year term on the New Zealand Community Board Executive based in Wellington.

If elected I will actively promote more input from community boards and committees. I believe they should have more input and decision making within their local areas with an increased budget for discretionary spending, as much as 100% increase.

It is of concern to me that there is a distinct lack of younger people involved at ward councillor level within local government.

After three years on the NZ Executive I believe I have an answer to this problem but as it might be controversial I will leave it until after the election.

I cannot guarantee rates will not increase but I can assure you that the rates taken from Tamahere and any other semi-rural area will be spent within that area and not in unjustifiable administration by head office.

If elected I promise to have bi-monthly informal meetings with the chairs of all the community boards and committees to discuss and hopefully resolve any problem within our own communities for the betterment of the Waikato District as a whole.

Feel free to contact me on any of the numbers below to discuss any concerns you might have. Frank McInally, 07-828-7720 work, 0274-752-403 mobile.

Allan Sanson

I am standing for the mayoralty onIy. I am passionate about the Waikato district and I have sound business acumen to lead a united council to make the Waikato a great place to live, work and play.

I have been a Waikato District councillor for nine years. The last six years I have been Chairman of Roading, controlling, council’s single largest budgeted committee annually. I represent the council at the Regional Land Transport Committee and Regional Passenger Transport Committee, am council’s representative on Future Proof, and also Chairman of Hakarimata Restoration Trust.

Tamahere sits in a unique position within the Waikato district, with it being Waikato’s most condensed ward based on the country living zone, which makes up the greatest portion of population in Tamahere. With an expanding population, Tamahere needs to have facilities more commonly found in an urban ward. We have a great opportunity to create a village green around the Tamahere School and hall. I would see this providing playing fields and sporting/recreational facilities for both the school and the community to enjoy.

There is also opportunity to provide a small area of retail which I would envisage being a superette/dairy for essentials for the community along with the possibility of a cafe/art shop, and with a population estimated to top 5000 people, a medical facility/health centre. I support the concept of extending Devine Road through council-owned land to Airport Road and then closing the southern end of Newell Road onto Airport Road. I would see these issues being finalised through the Structure Plan after further consultation with the community.

It is important to me that Tamahere still receives its fair allocation of rate expenditure in the future. With a lot of projects on the table for Tamahere at the moment I am quite sure with my support as your mayor this will be achieved.

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