School calls for enrolments


Parents keen for their children to attend Tamahere Model Country School next year (2011) are urged to advise the school if they have not yet enrolled them.

The need to notify the school includes those going into the out-of-zone ballot. The 2011 ballot closes at 4pm on Wednesday, November 3.

The school advises that it is essential for it to know all students who will be attending in 2011, including children going into the ballot.

“If you are a school family, please make sure that you live within our school zone. If you are one house out of the zone, your pre-schooler has to go into the ballot,” the school said in its latest newsletter. “Siblings get first priority, but only if they are listed on the ballot.”

The ballot is drawn under police supervision. Click here for information on Tamahere School, including its zone.

The school’s third term finishes today, (Friday, September 24), and the fourth term starts on Monday, October 11.

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