Getting the goods on gullies


Enhance your property, learn of the value in gullies, meet like-minded residents – all good reasons to attend a forum dedicated to boosting Tamahere’s natural environment.

In a unique opportunity for Tamahere, the Waikato Biodiversity Forum is hosting an information and workshop day on Saturday, October 30 to share information on the unique value of Tamahere’s gullies.

The event, to be held in the Tamahere Community Centre from 9am to 3.30pm, will also have information on how to restore degraded gullies and muster practical skills for gully restoration.

One of only two events of its type held each year the workshop will be an opportunity for people attending to:

  • Network and share ideas with others who undertake conservation-related work
  • Establish partnerships for biodiversity restoration
  • Highlight the projects of community groups in the area
  • Visit gully restoration projects in the area
  • Learn practical measures to enhance gullies
  • Hear the findings of a report, Assessment of the Tamahere Gullies

The Waikato Biodiversity Forum is a partnership between research and management agencies, iwi groups, private landowners and community groups who all aim to improve biodiversity in the Waikato. It runs two events a year to focus on an aspect of improving biodiversity in a particular location. This year the biodiversity of the Tamahere gullies is one of those events.

On the day, after a range of presentations there will be a visit to a Tamahere gully along with workshops on gully access and tracks, propagation of plants and collecting and growing from seeds, plant identification, planting in difficult areas, and providing protection for gully fauna.

Lunch will be provided.

For more details or to register phone Moira Cursey, 07 846 5066, or click here to email Moira.

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