Initiative to protect Tamahere trees


Venerable trees are one of the most attractive features of Tamahere but few have little protection from future landowners who may be chainsaw-happy.

Notable trees need protection

An initiative is underway to check the area for significant trees or stands of trees that Tamahere people would like to see protected for future generations.

Twenty-nine trees or stands of trees in the Tamahere ward are listed on the Waikato District Council Notable Tree Register, a listing that affords them substantial protection from being felled. But there are likely to be many more trees that because of their age, size, species or historic significance should also be listed and protected, says Tamahere Community Committee member Leo Koppens.

“As it stands now, any new landowner can remove any tree on their property,” he says. “Many current landowners will be concerned to make sure the trees they love are safe from uncaring or uninformed future owners.”

Trees that qualify to be listed on the Notable Tree Register must meet a raft of criteria. Koppens has been invited by the council to do an initial inspection of any trees that Tamahere people would like to see protected or that they think may qualify for listing. Promising trees will need to undergo a formal process by a council consultant.

“The Tamahere Structure Plan is currently under review so now is an ideal time to do this,” Koppens says. “All submissions must be in by the end of November.”

Click here to email Leo Koppens if you think you have a tree or a stand of trees that you would like to protect.

Click the following link to see the formal criteria for listing notable trees and the trees already listed (Tamahere ward, page 3). Notable Trees WDC

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