Dip gone, danger remains


The Newell Rd dip is no more.

The notorious dip in the road – loathed by many, loved by a few – has been levelled out and a new footpath provided on its western side.

The dip was removed because of the danger it posed to motorists but now some fear the evenness of the road will bring other hazards.

This week the Waikato Times reported that frustrated Newell Rd residents believe it’s only a matter of time before somebody dies on their road after a woman was cut from her vehicle after losing control on Saturday night.

It was the second crash on the road in as many hours after neighbours had to winch another car out of a ditch.

Clare Gordon wants the Waikato District Council to consider closing the road to through traffic.

The council’s attempt to slow traffic down – evening out a notorious dip – had backfired as motorists now just travelled faster, she said.

[Waikato road policing manager Leo] Tooman agreed the road was a blackspot with motorists travelling even faster as they often used it as a shortcut to the airport.

“It is a bit of an issue out there and has been for a long time … The most frustrating part about it is we regularly deploy speed cameras and most people we’re getting are local, from the Tamahere area.”

The closure of Newell Rd at its intersection with Airport Rd has been mooted and under discussion for a number of years.

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