Ready, rain and recycle


By Phil McKinnon

Gidday. Getting ready for spring arrivals, keeping out of the rain and recycling plastic.

The Farmlands Post is a series of monthly round-ups of seasonal issues that may affect your farm or block, and a few words on how to tackle them.

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Get ready for spring

June is the month to get ready for those new spring arrivals. It’s time to get the calf sheds ready, clean up the calfeterias, milk storage and mixing gear. And time to think about lambs or the other new arrivals you are expecting.

Sorting out your sheds while you have the time do it rather than waiting for that first arrival is always the best plan but, alas, sometimes our good intentions don’t get implemented. Change that this month.

• Clean out last year’s shavings
• Clean and check all the calf or lamb rearing gear
• Sanitise sheds and milk feeding equipment with Virkon and get in new shavings
• Check the calf or lamb covers
• Check the teats on calfeterias and bottles
• Check halters and leads
• Check hay racks, meal feeders, and water troughs.
• Repair and replace gates, rails, and gate latches where needed.
• Plan to stock up on milk powder, meal and other roughage.
• Consider animal health issues and stock up on electrolytes and, if you have pregnant cows and ewes, calcium and magnesium.

June is also the month to stock up on electric fence reels, stakes, pig tails, tapes wires, and portable unit batteries so take advantage of the voucher on Tamahere Forum.


Rain – we love it at the right time and place. The sound of rain on the roof through June, July and August doesn’t have the same appeal as it may over summer. It can be miserable and cold, your coat never keeps you totally dry, you discover leaks in your gumboots, your paddocks have turned to mud, and the dogs and cats leave wet muddy footprints inside. It’s always raining when the calves escape, when the bike, tractor or car won’t start, when Daisy the cow decides to have calving problems and when you have just put the washing on the line.

We at Farmlands can’t control the weather but we supply kit to help you stay nice and dry. We have a full range of wet weather gear – gumboots, socks, overalls, coats, jackets, hats. Farmlands carries batteries for your car, ute or tractor, the portable fence unit and your torch. We also have the calving chains, ropes and jacks for cows in their hour of need. We don’t supply footwear for the cat and dog but do supply feed, beds and toys for them. It’s always nice to know how much rain has fallen so we stock rain gauges.


Farmlands Hautapu can help you dispose of plastic bale wrap and agri-chemical containers. We are a collection site for plastic wrap and containers in partnership with AgRecovery. A number of chemical companies have come on board with AgRecovery to allow for the recycling of this waste plastic. Visit the AgRecovery website for more details.

In brief this is how it works. Containers for recycling must be triple rinsed and lids removed. For plastic wrap you need to buy AgRecovery bags to put your wrap into before taking it to the store. In both instances an initial form must be completed in store. AgRecovery will then issue you with a card which means you only have to present this on future visits.

You may know that Farmlands is a co-operative and many of our customers are also Farmlands shareholders. But please note that you don’t have to be a shareholder to shop at Farmlands. There are, however, many benefits in becoming a shareholder, including discounts on products. Anyone can become a shareholder – just talk to us next time you are in store to find out how.

The Team at Farmlands Hautapu

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