Walkway to be celebrated


Already proving popular with Tamahere School pupils and strollers alike a newly completed walkway linking Birchwood Lane and Camdon place will be officially opened at 10am on June 30.

The newly made Violet McKenzie walkway

With so few footpaths in Tamahere the latest addition, providing a welcome circuit that includes Newell and Devine Rds as well as a new pedestrian route to Tamahere School, will be launched with due ceremony to which community members are invited.

The Violet McKenzie Walkway, named for an adjoining landowner, will be officially opened at the Camdon Place junction (off Koppens Rd) in a ceremony to be attended by Waikato District councillors, the Tamahere Community Committee and Tamahere School students.

In time the walkway will be re-surfaced with asphalt for a hardier, more weather-proof surface.

Path paused
Another footpath project, on Tauwhare/Woodcock Road, has been put on hold while talks are held with Titoki Sands over safety aspects. Access to the Titoki Sands quarry site is from Tauwhare Rd.

Quarry queue
Meanwhile a new quarry proposal has raised the ire of Tamahere residents in the Riverglade Drive area. Southside Sands has applied for a 10-year resource consent to excavate 600,000 cubic metres of sand from the 120ha dairy farm on Peacockes Rd, across the river from the Tamahere residents.

Residents have formed an incorporated society, the Tamahere Environmental Society, to fight the proposal. For more information contact Mark Chrisp, phone 838 5670 (day), 027 475 8383 (cell) or click to email Mark.

Submissions on the proposal must be made by 4pm, Tuesday, June 21. Click here to view Southside’s application, which can also viewed at Hamilton City Council offices, the Garden Place Library, Glenview Library and Hillcrest Library.

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At its June meeting the Tamahere Community Committee also resolved to object to the quarry proposal.

Gully care
The district council will be tackling the Tradscantia (wandering jew) infestation of the Tamahere Reserve on Tauwhare Rd, following representation from the Tamahere Gully Care group.

The Gully Care group and the council have also begun discussion about a management plan for the degraded Mangaone Stream, in the Rosebanks Drive, Bollard Rd and Cherry Lane area.

Dip doldrums
At its June meeting, the Tamahere Community Committee expressed concern about the standard of council engineering design that ignored residents’ concerns about the recent smoothing out of the Newell Rd dip.

The committee noted that it was important that the council listen to residents’ concerns before projects of a similar nature were undertaken. Tamahere councillor Wally Hayes will be meeting with Newell Rd residents unhappy with the dip correction.

WDC draft annual plan
The Tamahere Community Committee recently made a submission on the Waikato District Council draft annual plan, 2011-2012. That submission and earlier TCC submissions can be found here.

2 thoughts on “Walkway to be celebrated

  • June 28, 2011 at 7:37 pm

    I also need to clarify that none of the residents in Platinum Place were asked or advised of the walkway’s position at the time of the purchase of our properties. We were told that there was to be a road built to give access to the development of Birchwood Lane. At no time were we told that a walkway was going behind our properties. We are not against the walkway only the way that the Waikato District Council have behaved in regards to a letter that was given to all the residents whose properties are boundered by the walkway. As you all can appreciate the walkway has taken away our privacy and we were told in the letter that there would be installation of fences either side of the said walkway. We waited and to date nothing has been done. I suppose that this is because there is no money left in the kitty but then they have put the walkway down, said it was finished and now are going to seal it, but if anyone knows any thing about building a pathway its sure not this council. This mess had a budget of $41800 of ratepayers’ money and quite frankly we the residents have been short changed. We are not holding our breaths about getting a fence to give us some security but felt it fair to explain a few things to the kind people who have asked. Thanks the residents of Platinum Place.

  • June 28, 2011 at 7:18 pm

    Well we now have a situation where the council have had a contractor spray emulsion on to the walkway over the pit sand and quarry dust, although I believe that about 20 to 25mm of the top layer had been removed any how with the flooding due to no drainage being done. The emulsion has been carried on to our section killing a part of our lawn and putting our feijoa trees at risk. Their response, nothing.


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