Chance for a say on Tamahere’s future


Tamahere people have a one-in-seven year chance to have a say on how they want their community to develop.

The Tamahere Community Plan, first produced in 2004, is under review and Tamahere ratepayers and residents are being urged to shape the document and their community by giving their thoughts and suggestions on what they want in and for Tamahere.

A draft plan has been produced by the Tamahere Community Committee and it and a feedback form are available (below) on Tamahere Forum. The plan and form have also been posted to Tamahere addresses.

The 2004 community plan outlined a vision for Tamahere and identified key issues and projects that the community wished the Waikato District Council to implement. Projects were put into a 1-3 year, 4-8 year, or 7-10 year time frame so that the council’s progress could be monitored.

The review is a chance for the community and the council to see what has been achieved, what still needs to be done, and identify new projects and issues for Tamahere now and in the future.

What’s in the plan?

The plan canvasses a broad range of issues and projects from how to create and foster a sense of community to where roads, walk and cycle ways should or could go. It discusses how residents and the council could enhance the natural environment by planting gardens or revegetating gullies and reserves, and how to protect them from weeds and pests.

It seeks to identify Tamahere’s important historical places and discusses how they can be protected. It looks at infrastructure – a community hub; water, power, phone and broadband supply; a better boat ramp and picnic area – and how dense housing should be. And, importantly, it discusses how Tamahere can get value for the rates the community pays to the council.

Feedback on the draft plan can be written on the feedback form and emailed or posted to the council, emailed or told to members of the community committee, or by commenting here on Tamahere Forum. Feedback needs to be in by Friday, August 12. Contact details and forms below.

Tamahere Community Plan draft 2011 (pdf)

Feedback Form on draft Tamahere C Plan (pdf)

Click for contact details for members of the Tamahere Community Committee

Click to email your feedback to the council

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