Accountant books up 5 years’ jail


Hamilton accountant Gary Soffe has been sentenced to five years and one month in prison on one charge of false accounting and nine of theft by a person in a special relationship.

Soffe, 52, siphoned off millions of dollars from the entities entrusted to him, using the money to build a multimillion-dollar home in Tamahere, buy coastal properties in New Zealand and Fiji, a yacht worth several hundred thousand dollars, holidays overseas and Indonesian furnishings for his home.

Soffe even used money from the trusts to pay his power and rates bills, reported the NZ Herald.

For years, Gary Soffe was thought of as “one of the family” by his clients, the NZ Herald reported.

The charges, dating back to 2006, relate to Soffe’s stealing more than $4.2 million from eight different trusts, all linked to one family.

Soffe was given sole charge of many of the trusts in 1999 when his client passed away.

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