Reports to inquest lift wraps


Reports provided to this week’s inquest into the death of firefighter Derek Lovell are comprehensive accounts of the events leading up to and on the day of the 2008 tragedy that are not widely known.

The Fire Service released its report in September 2008 but the more detailed Labour Department report into the explosion and fire more than three years ago has been under wraps until now.

A summary of facts of the Labour Department’s successful 2009 prosecution under the Health and Safety in Employment Act was made public at the inquest before Coroner Peter Ryan. It gives a broad overview of the case in 20 pages of well-spaced type. Click the following link for the Summary of Facts to inquest (pdf)

The Labour Department investigation was reported in six volumes. The three main volumes are provided here (pdfs): Tamahere Investigation Report Volume One Final

Tamahere Investigation Report Volume Two Final

Tamahere Report Volume 1 Addendum Final

On December 15, 2009, at the Hamilton District Court, Judge Spear fined Icepak Coolstores and its director Wayne Grattan a total of $67,200 and ordered the company to pay reparation to the family of Derek Lovell and the injured firemen of $95,000.

Mobile Refrigeration Specialists was fined $56,200 and ordered to pay reparation of $175,000.

The Fire Service inquiry report published in 2008 is here: Fire Service Inquiry report

The inquest closed on Wednesday (September 7) and the Coroner’s findings and recommendations are expected later this year.

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