Dogs attack sheep


Two dogs left to roam their Tamahere neighbourhood attacked sheep on Friday, mauling three so badly they had to be put down.

A Tamahere man who saw the dogs attacking the sheep in a Devine Rd paddock mid morning on Friday said a fourth sheep was also mauled but would probably survive.

Waikato District Council dog control officers responded promptly to his call and tracked down the dogs, which had been impounded, said the man who did not wish to be named.

He would visit the pound to confirm the dogs were the ones he’d seen attacking the sheep and if they were they, too, would be put down. He understood the control officers were confident they had the offending dogs because they had blood on them when caught.

The two dogs, which came from a neighbouring property, had been seen roaming day and night, said another neighbour.

Don’t let the dogs out

The attack makes it timely to remind dog owners that under the Dog Control Act and council bylaws all dogs must be under control at all times.

The rules also require that dog owners keep their dog confined to their property in such a manner that it can not freely leave their land or premises, or ensure their dog is under the direct control of a person.

They are responsible for taking all reasonable steps to ensure their dog does not injure, endanger, intimidate, or otherwise cause distress to any person, or injure, endanger, or cause distress to any stock, poultry, domestic animal, or protected wildlife.

Even dogs that seem to have a docile nature will attack and kill stock, say dog trainers.

For more on owning a dog including dog control, education, training and owner responsibilities see advice here on the WDC website.

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