Eventide village growing fast


The Tamahere Eventide Home & Retirement Village is growing faster than anticipated only nine months ago.

A new Eventide unit

Building of the first eight of a planned 74 new units began in January and finished mid-year with a further eight following hard on their heels as the two- and three-bedroom units are snapped up.

The village, on part of the 10.4ha site bordering State Highway 1 but accessed from Cherry Lane, already had 34 units. Its likely its trebling in size will come sooner than expected, said chief executive Louis Fick.

Seven of the second eight units are all but sold with would-be buyers just waiting on house sales to complete the transaction, he said.

The next building phase of a block of 12 units would occur quicker than had originally been planned when Eventide got resource consent to grow. That could mean the larger village will be completed well within the consent time frame of eight years.

A community centre and all-weather bowling green form part of the facility’s expansion and Fick said apartments, more residential rooms and an age-care hospital were also ahead. The residential rooms are currently home to 267 people.

“We’ll be a one-stop shop,” he said, “all we’ll need is a village store.”

Passersby Eventide will have noticed the earth bund that has been erected bordering State Highway 1 to reduce noise for residents. That will be extended along the village’s entire roadside boundary, Fick said.

The Tamahere Eventide Home Trust is owned by the Methodist Church NZ. More on the Eventide Home website.

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