Going to pot


What’s the right time to pot up plant seedlings? What size should the seedling be and what size the pot?

Native plant specialist Wayne Bennett will reveal all the detail and demonstrate potting techniques at the Tamahere Community Nursery, on Sunday, November 6.

Bennett, of Forest Flora, will be running a practical, hands-on session in pricking out seedlings at the Devine Rd nursery, adjacent to the Tamahere Community Centre from 1.30pm to 3.30pm.

It will answer all those questions about the right stage for potting on seedlings, how to handle them and what size pots to put them into along with other useful tips and techniques. In the process, you will be helping the Tamahere Gully Care group pot seedlings for future plantings around Tamahere.

The Gully Care Group meets at 1.30pm on the first Sunday of the month at the nursery from where it makes plants available free to locals revegetating their properties and gullies. The group also goes on seed collecting expeditions and visits local or nearby areas of native plants. More here on the Tamahere Gully Care Group and community nursery.

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