WDC urged to invest in Tamahere


A central square or common in Tamahere would be an ideal investment in the community for the Waikato District Council say the area’s representatives.

The Tamahere Community Committee (TCC) is keen for the proposed Devine Rd village common to be a community-owned asset but the council would prefer it to be controlled by private property developers.

“This community wants the council to invest in our town centre, creating the community space that will give us a focal point and help build our sense of community,” TCC said at its April meeting.

Tamahere ratepayers paid a substantial $4.5 million in rates each year but council spending in the area did not reflect “anywhere near” the rate take, the committee said.

TCC wants the community space adjoining proposed, boutique village shops to be freely accessed and used by the public.

“Our feeling is that this could be compromised if it is owned and developed solely by a private developer.”

The committee would like the community square to go ahead independently of commercial development, which could be many years away.

“It may be that this area could materialise through the generosity of a community benefactor, a sponsor, local fundraising and council input from the reserve funds collected in the area, or most likely a combination of all these things,” TCC said.

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Tidy Tamahere

The committee is keen for Tamahere people to show their pride in their area by keeping road verges and its few paths mown and weed-free. It is also seeking a response from the council about its maintenance programmes in the area.

For more matters considered by the committee check out its full record of minutes here.

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