ERO scores school high


Tamahere School has rated highly in the latest report by the Education Review Office (ERO).

“Students benefit from spacious, attractively presented and well-organised learning environments,” the ERO said in a report published this month.

“They have access to high-quality resources. An extensive library, located in the original school building, is a focal point for the school and its community. The school has effective processes and procedures to provide a safe physical and emotional environment for students.”

The ERO audited the school in March and the full report is available here. The last report was in April 2009.

In a summary of the findings, the school Board of Trustees noted that the ERO “provided significant endorsement of the great results being achieved by all students.

“They commended the school on its efforts in implementing the National Standards and in particular the systems developed internally for these standards and the reporting and moderating of results. The fact that our systems have a focus on measuring progress and improvement as well as the actual National Standard level received very positive comment.

The school was seen to be safe, well managed and financially sound, and in general meeting the Ministry of Education’s many requirements.

To ensure we do not rest on our laurels they have provided some suggested “next steps” and also endorsed our forward strategies to ensure we are on the schools desired path of “continual improvement”.

Some of these strategic steps include:
a) Developing teaching methods and processes to strengthening self–directed student learning.
b) Further enhancement of our self review practices to ensure ongoing improvement and sustainability.
c) A more robust staff appraisal and professional development process.
d) Further enhance the partnership between the school leadership team, teachers, parents, and students.

Tamahere School will be next reviewed in three years.

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