Airport offers parking discount


Hamilton Airport has launched a new car parking system that offers travellers significant savings on parking fees.

Available online, the new car park booking option, the first for a regional airport in New Zealand, enables travellers to book and pay for parking ahead of their flight and cut current drive-up rates by up to half.

“If booked at least two weeks ahead of travel, customers can save up to 50% on drive-up rates,” said airport chief executive Chris Doak.

“For example, a customer could book online to secure a car park close to the terminal for $50 for five days and save $45. Or by booking a weekend, departing Friday afternoon and returning Monday morning, a customer could pay just $29 – saving up to $31,” he said.

Flyers would be encouraged to book their car parking at the same time they booked their trips to get the best discounts.

“Just as airlines provide cheaper seats to customers if they book early, Hamilton Airport is doing the same with its car parks,” Doak said.

The airport plans to trial different car park products from time to time, offering such things as super saver or special weekend rates.

Bookings can be made at the Hamilton Airport website.

Travellers enter their itinerary on the website to get a quote and range of options. A credit or debit card reserves the booking on a secure site and an email confirms the booking details.

At the airport, travellers use their credit or debit card to enter and exit the car park, negating the need to carry a ticket or go to the payment machines separately.

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