Get ready to drop, cover, hold


With less than a month to go until ShakeOut, Waikato residents are being urged to register for one of New Zealand’s biggest Civil Defence exercises.

Taking place on Wednesday, September 26, at 9.26am, ShakeOut is a nationwide event designed to make New Zealanders aware of what do in an earthquake.

ShakeOut emphasises the “Drop, Cover, Hold” response to a seismic event – drop to the ground, take cover, and hold the position until the earthquake stops.

It will be the first ShakeOut earthquake drill held nationwide in the world and will be the biggest earthquake public education campaign ever staged in New Zealand.

Registration for ShakeOut can be done by visiting the ShakeOut website or the GetThru website.

The 9:26-26:9 earthquake drill is the focal point of New Zealand ShakeOut because it is a clear, simple action people can take to prepare for an earthquake. It is also a first step, and it encourages people to look at their preparedness in more detail.

More than 50,000 Waikato residents have registered for ShakeOut. Organisers are targeting 1 million participants, and are urging schools, businesses, families and community groups to join the event.

Hamilton City Council is promoting ShakeOut through registration hotspots which will pop up around the city, including Garden Place, and has arranged for the lights on the Victoria Bridge to be yellow and blue – the Civil Defence colours.

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