Shining light on solar power


An information evening on solar power will be held on Thursday, September 20 at Tamahere’s Montessori Education Centre.

Ben Stanton with solar panels

The two-hour session is being offered free by the Waikato-based Solar Power Company at the centre, 267 Newell Rd, from 7pm to 9pm.

Topics covered will include grid-tie and off grid systems, photo voltaic prices, and examples of solar power systems and how and where they work best.

Ben Stanton, who will make the presentation, started his solar power business to address a lack of information on solar power systems.

“I had had a lot of experience with solar power systems back in the days when a panel would cost a month’s wages,” Stanton said.

When he offered to research the subject for a client of his electrical business he quickly discovered a “a huge lack of easily available information. And where there was someone knowledgeable they seemed unwilling or unable to share their secrets.”

Informing his client meant he “became the first happy customer of our new business.”

Since then Stanton has continued to build the business using the same methods as he started. “I love turning the light on in people’s heads. That “ah ha!” moment when someone understands what a certain technology can do for them is fantastic. When I realized how rewarding it was I decided to focus on giving out as much free information as I could.”

The company now runs monthly solar power information evenings. “We arrange a venue, catering and start spreading the word and then we just see who turns up. It’s a great way to meet some really great people.”

Stanton said he keeps the information “simple and light hearted with a good dose of humour”.

Four words sum up the solar power business, he said. “Solar Power has arrived.

“It’s been promising for years but now it’s here and here to stay.”

Click here to go to the solar power website to register online for the Tamahere information evening. Or just turn up on the night, Stanton said.

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