Artists open galleries


Matangi painter and printmaker Colin Gibbs and clay artist Jenni Taris are opening their studios to the public next weekend, December 1 and 2.

Fairy by Jenni Taris

It is five years since the GibbsLang Contemporary Art Gallery opened in Matangi Rd and it will have a retrospective exhibition of Colin Gibbs’ work, some unseen before.

Nearby, Jenni Taris’s studio, in Webster Rd, will show her completed works and work in progress as well as works by other artists.

Gibbs is an established contemporary New Zealand artist whose works are known for their colour intensity and exploration of biculturalism, relationships with our land, and social commentary.

Taris is an accomplished clay artist whose work has been selected for the Portage Ceramic Awards and New Zealand Society of Potters national exhibitions in recent years. Pieces range from sturdy deep blue domestic ware to burnished ‘leopard pots’, sculptural pieces such as totem women and clay warriors, and whimsical decorative fairies.

Ki te ao marama by Colin Gibbs

In 2002, Gibbs produced a very popular series of works based on James K. Baxter’s poem, Song of the years. This year, to mark the 40th anniversary of Baxter’s death, he is again working with the poet’s material. The paintings are under way in his studio and may be viewed during the open weekend. At the GibbsLang Gallery there will also be recent works and works in progress, and visitors will be able to talk to Colin about his techniques.

The galleries will be open from 10am to 4pm each day. Jenni Taris, 49 Webster Road, off Matangi Road, ph 07 8566 149. GibbsLang Contemporary Art Gallery and Studio 555 Matangi Rd, ph 07 8295 909.

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