Turning 12 on three dozen day


Tamahere’s Katie Begbie got to experience a phenomenon set aside for a select few – her 12th birthday fell on 12/12/12.

Katie Begbie celebrates turning 12 on 12.12.12

The Southwell School student is pictured celebrating with a birthday hat she was given and described the phenomenon as “cool” when the Cambridge Edition caught up with her.

Katie said in the lead-up to her birthday that some of her friends as well as her teachers had been asking her what it felt like to have her 12th birthday on a day of 12s.

“It’s cool because it’s something that’s only going to happen once in my entire lifetime.”

To celebrate her birthday, Katie planned a trip to Tauranga with friends this Saturday.

Katie‘s mum, Daryne, said her daughter’s 12th birthday falling today in this manner was “really amazing.

“It’s something that we only started realising would be happening a little while back. Not many people get to experience a birthday date like this,” she said.

In fact, according to Statistics New Zealand population estimate figures show that there are roughly 59,000 people in New Zealand who will turn 12 in the 2012 calendar year.

On that basis, it can be worked out that – based on a monthly and daily calculation – about 160 people in New Zealand will, along with Katie, mark their 12th birthday today. 

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