Line outage problems linger


Woodcock Rd area residents continue to report difficulties with their phone lines since a fibre optic cable was cut on February 7 during work on Tauwhare Rd for the Titoki Sands quarry entrance.

People in Woodcock Rd and Rosebanks Dr responded to an earlier story on Tamahere Forum to tell of ongoing problems from the five hour outage two weeks ago.

One Woodcock Rd resident said he was affected by the phone outage from the severed cable and that there had been a “severe humming noise on my phone since reconnection.”

Rosebank Dr residents said the outage precipitated a days long saga for them, which included having to get a new computer modem.

“It wasn’t an overnight thing for us,” they said. “The replacement of the modem was our choice but if the cable had not been cut we would have continued with no disruption.

“We are still experiencing issues with the phone line. According to callers on the other end we become very crackly and “disappear” for lengths of time.”

If you are experiencing any similar difficulties or have something to say about the problems comment below or email Tamahere Forum and we will air your concerns.

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