Views urged on Riverlea industry


Tamahere residents who overlook the Riverlea industrial area are being urged to have their say on the zone’s future.

The Riverlea Environment Society, which successfully opposed an asphalt plant being established in the area in 2007, says residents have a unique chance to ensure heavy industry cannot establish in the area.

“In many ways this affects residents of Newell Rd and the roads off the northern side of it even more than the Riverlea residents,” says society chairwoman Andrea Graves.

“Some of them are very close to the industrial area, and the prevailing westerlies take the airflow and associated dust, smell or whatever over that direction.”

The society is urging affected residents to make submissions on the Hamilton City Council’s (HCC) proposed district plan by March 29.

“One of our society’s main aims is to have the rules of the Riverlea industrial area changed so that heavy industry – particularly noxious and offensive activities – cannot establish there.

“If few people make submissions to HCC about the planning rules for the Riverlea industrial area, HCC will take that as an “it’s fine as it is” vote.

“But it’s not fine: the proposed district plan states that all industry, heavy and light, is permitted in Riverlea. There are stricter rules for noxious and offensive activities, but we want those even tighter,” Graves said.

There is a real threat of further development in the area because land is available for it, the society says.

It would like activity in the Riverlea Road area to be confined to light and service industry, and to exclude heavy industry, particularly noxious and offensive industry. It would also like to preserve its industrial and residential mix.

The more people who make submissions alongside the society the more weight residents’ views will have, Graves said.

Click here for more information, including how and where to make a submission.

Click the following link for the society’s latest newsletter (pdf): RES Newsletter Mar 13

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