Village hub gets green light


The Waikato District Council has given the green light to the proposed Tamahere village hub and retail centre but progress on controversial stormwater management will have to wait till another day.

Supporters of the Devine Rd village hub said it would give Tamahere a community focal point – a view the council has agreed with.

In its decision, notified on Saturday, April 27, the council has zoned approximately 0.88ha of Devine Rd land as Tamahere Village Business Zone – a prospective retail precinct in waiting for a developer.

It is the first land zoned for business use in the Tamahere area. (Existing businesses elsewhere in the area have existing use rights but are not on land zoned for business.)

As well, just over 7ha next to the village hub has been zoned as Tamahere Recreation Zone – 6.75ha for sports fields and just under half a hectare for a village green.

The council has also provided design guidelines for the business and recreation zones which, it says, will “ensure that the recognised character of the area is maintained and enhanced.”

Stormy water

On legal advice, the council decided that its stormwater catchment management plan, could not form part of its decisions on what is formally known as Plan Change 3, the Tamahere Structure Plan of the Waikato District Plan.

In July, the council released a study into the drainage patterns of the Tamahere Country Living Zone, showing potential flood risk areas during extreme rainfall for 920 properties. The move infuriated some residents who said the data was dated and didn’t take into account extensive drainage work undertaken in the area.

The hearing panel said that from submissions and presentation it heard there were “some very real problems with the maps of the Tamahere Catchment Management Plan …”

However, it said the issue was outside its jurisdiction but “we would expect the council will be proactive in working with submitters to address these issues through the correct administrative channels.” The council agreed with the suggestion.

To view the decisions in full click here.

The council’s decisions are subject to appeal to the Environment Court by submitters within 30 working days of their receiving notification of the decisions.

3 thoughts on “Village hub gets green light

  • May 7, 2013 at 9:30 am

    I’m very pleased that the way is now clear for the village hub to happen. I’m concerned that the form of the new development is indeed appropriate for our community. I had made submissions to WDC that apposed the mandatory “period dress” appearance of the development. WDC have responded by making that option preferred but not compulsory – great! So we now await a developer to make the next move. I hope that a modern, intimately scaled community centre is offered.

  • April 30, 2013 at 9:10 am

    Good to hear your hub concept is taking off. We need one here in Motueka too, but have more numerous and older minds to persuade. So far, we’re getting there slowly.

    • April 30, 2013 at 8:56 pm

      Tamahere has potential for a hub now, David. Not quite taken off yet but we await developments with interest.


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