Glad tidings on mystery couple


Mystery couple Arthur and Glad whose 1920 wedding photo, apparently taken at Tamahere, puzzled a British woman when she found it in her family’s papers in London has been solved.

Arthur and Gladys Teague - no longer a mystery
Arthur and Gladys Teague – no longer a mystery

“The couple are Christopher Arthur Teague and Gladys Teague (nee Crahart) on their wedding day on 26 October, 1920, in Palmerston North,” emailed their daughter-in-law, June Teague, this week.

“They arrived from Cornwall, England and after their marriage they farmed on Woodcock’s Road, Tamahere,” June wrote, finally establishing there was a Tamahere connection, and solving the months old mystery.

The couple had four children, including Christopher William Edward Teague, born in 1927, and who June, nee Mankelow, married on March 12, 1955. June and Chris carried on farming on Woodcock Rd and raised six children, all of whom attended Tamahere School.

Eagle-eyed daughter Bronwyn, who still lives in Tamahere, spotted the photo of her grandparents.

From London, Claire Ivison, who sparked the search was delighted to get June’s information.

“I have spent a lot of the weekend trying to work out how I am related to Arthur and Glad. My grandmother was Vera Nichols and I think my great, great grandfather, Henry Nichols, is the younger brother of Christopher Arthur Teague’s great grandfather, John Nichols.”

Phew! Good to know Claire could figure out the relationships. June had included the detail that Arthur’s mother was Annie Nichols and father William Henry Teague. For good measure she also mentioned that Gladys’s mother was Mary Pethick (Martin) and father Thomas Crahart.

Arthur and Gladys Teague in 1955
Arthur and Gladys Teague in 1955

June also filled us in on Arthur and Gladys’ life after they left Tamahere, and sent a photo of them taken in 1955. The couple retired into Blackburn St, Frankton. Gladys died on 29 June, 1959 and Arthur died on 16 June, 1972.

June and Christopher moved from Tamahere to Newstead in 1971 and continued farming. They later retired to Rotokauri and then moved to the Bay of Plenty. Christopher died on 16 April, 1999 and June moved into Tauranga city where she lives today.

Meanwhile, Claire visited New Zealand in March, stopping briefly in Tamahere to visit the church and graveyard. Unfortunately, the family links were not known at the time but she and June are now in contact via email, sharing their joint family history.

“Many thanks to you, the Teague family and the Tamahere Forum for solving my family history mystery,” Claire wrote.

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