New stormwater maps online


The Waikato District Council has updated its Tamahere stormwater drainage study after its first release of information in July last year proved controversial.

The original study used outdated aerial contour mapping data known as LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), dating from late 2007 and early 2008.

The council’s latest study, yet to be formally advised to locals, used LiDAR data from late 2012.

The updated study also includes further information on the stormwater infrastructure system and there has been a change to the modelling methodology to provide a more accurate picture of the potential impact of ponding.

Aerial maps from the study showing the potential impact of ponding on the Tamahere Country Living Zone can be found here on the council website.

The Tamahere Community Committee has urged the council to temporarily amend all Land Information Memorandums (LIMs) of affected properties.

It suggested the wording on the LIMs read: “Property in our district will be affected by a 100 year rain event. Council has the results of modelling reports projecting possible effects. You should check the council’s records for this property to satisfy yourself as to the possible effects on this property.”

The committee has also urged the council to notify affected residents promptly about the latest study so they can discuss any issues concerning their own properties directly with the council.

It is also attending a workshop on the issue with council representatives on June 10 and another workshop is expected to be held with people who submitted to the district plan about stormwater at a later date.

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