Savings offered for early dog rego


Waikato district dog owners can save around $20 if they register their dog before the end of July.

By now dog owners should have received their renewal notices reminding them that registration for the year to June 30, 2014 is due by August 1.

If you are a new dog owner or already have approved status, the dog registration fee is $88 (or $67 if you pay before August 1).

If you have general owner status, the fee is $113 (or $93 with the discount). Selected or farm dog fees are $60 (or $39 with the discount).

To be an approved dog owner you must not have any of the following offences marked against you: impounded dog, registered complaint, prosecution, infringement fine, non-notification of changes to ownership details and repeated non-payment of registration fee.

The council’s policy is that all new dog owners are ‘approved’ unless they prove otherwise within a 12-month period.

Failure to register a dog can result in dogs being seized, an infringement fine of $300 or prosecution.

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