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Inspirit Gallery’s latest exhibition, Rural Delivery, is to feature on TV One’s Seven Sharp programme this week.

Marti Wong, left, interviewed by Seven Sharp producer Dean Butler
Marti Wong, left, interviewed by Seven Sharp producer Dean Butler

Today, producer Dean Butler visited the Pencarrow Rd gallery to talk to steel sculptor Marti Wong about his Swirling Red Bull, a 250kg sculpture that took 200 hours to create out of salvaged motor parts, 44-gallon drums and ancient Chinese coins.

The film crew also talked to artist Ciane Lawrey-Ginger about several artworks in the Rural Delivery exhibition inspired by her grandfather’s letters written during World War 2, including his time as a prisoner of war on Crete.

Ciane Lawrey-Ginger explains artworks inspired by her grandfather's WW2 letters
Ciane Lawrey-Ginger explains artworks inspired by her grandfather’s WW2 letters

The exhibition, which coincides with this week’s National Agricultural Fieldays, staged across the Waikato River from Inspirit Gallery, acknowledges the value of the rural delivery service that has got the mail and key supplies through to the most remote rural places in New Zealand

Alongside Wong and Lawrey, a range of other highly regarded local and national artists and designers, working in a diverse variety of media, have combined to celebrate the historic and current role of the NZ Post rural service. They also pay homage to the art captured by stamps, the quirky and innovative rural mailboxes and the dying art of letter writing.

Featured artists are Paul Herbert, Jane Blackmore, Rachel Olsen, Jenny Scown, Sue Roots, Kate Hill, Adrian Worsley, Chris Meek, Richard MacDonald, Kylie Law, Robin Cuff, Veronica Young, Aaron Scythe, Jeff Thomson, Jane Siddall, Faith Thomas, Jo Wilson, Dawn Hansen, Ciane Lawrey-Ginger, Angie Dennis, Marti Wong, Pauline Jamieson, Claire Hey, Liz McAuliffe, Michael Barker and Grant Henderson.

Seven Sharp screens on TV One at 7pm weekdays. This story will be updated with the date of the screening on Seven Sharp once it is known.

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