Gully Care does Wright


A field trip to help the Wrights Bush Restoration Group weed and plant the kahikatea stand in Marychurch Road, Matangi, is on the agenda for Tamahere Gully Care this Sunday, July 7.

A small group of kahikatea was fenced into the main stand recently and invading Jerusalem cherry needs to be removed from the area as well as the main block before plants from the Tamahere Community Nursery can be put in, says Jan Simmons of Gully Care.

The kahikatea stand is protected under a Queen Elizabeth II covenant and Rob and Wendy Hos will be hosts for the monthly gathering.

Those planning to take part can meet at the Tamahere Community Nursery at 1.15pm from where they can carpool to the site to reduce the number of vehicles requiring parking. Those who want to travel directly to the site can contact Jan for the address by phoning 856 8995.

Take a spade, and a cup and thermos of hot water for afternoon tea, Jan advises willing workers.

If it is wet or extremely windy the visit will be postponed and there will be a working session at the nursery instead.

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