Scam trims more than trees


Tamahere is among areas recently targeted by people offering tree trimming and similar services, reports the Police’s Neighbourhood Support.

“On occasions these approaches have not gone well,” a police spokesman said. “At a later time or date there have then been burglaries or thefts in the area.”

Do not let contractors inside your home, Neighbourhood Support warned.

“If you need to speak to these people, do so from a safe vantage point, for example from behind a a security door. Don’t feel pressured or allow yourself to be bullied on your doorstep into paying money for services, nor give out your credit card/pin number details at the door or by phone.”

Consumer Affairs Scam Watch has other useful advice about how to deal with unwelcome callers or potential fraudsters.

As well as property maintenance services, door-to-door scams also include people offering art for sale or asking you to do a survey.

Click here for advice on how to deal with unwanted approaches at your door.

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