Art to guide you home


Symbolist artist Santie Cronje English is the featured artist at Inspirit Gallery during August.
The sought after Cronje English is exhibiting a new collection of her original paintings and limited edition prints.

One of the outstanding paintings in this special collection is Lights to guide me home, says the Tamahere gallery director Jenny Scown.

“I love the symbolism and story behind this timeless painting.”

Lights to guide you home is a continuing search for that place of rest where the mind is at peace. The cherry blossom in the picture symbolizes the ephemeral nature of life – cherry blossom trees being known for their short but brilliant blooming season.

“The message in this piece is that your inner light will guide you to that place of peace. We just have to keep our inner light burning. Feed the soul and listen to our hearts,” Cronje English says.

Cronje English’s aim with her work is to express and evoke ideas or emotions through personal images, symbols and objects collected from her own personal journeys.

She paints mainly in acrylics, using thin layers and washes to create different moods and light effects. Her work often depicts whimsical seascapes or slightly surreal landscapes that have been described as “a delicate simplicity and elegance that touches the childlike side of the heart.”

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