Market haven for quirky fashion


Quirky fashions will be one of the many attractions at Saturday’s Tamahere Market.

Clever and entrepreneurial designers take vintage items and create must-have warm woollens, bright, comfortable skirts patterned in florals and geometric patterns that are truly one-off items.

The market is also the place to spot up-and-coming Waikato designers.

Hemp oil and other hemp products will also be available at the Tamahere Market from the local hemp farm, whose growers can provide all the information about their unique produce.

The weather is warming so now is the time to buy plants from one of several plant stalls and get them into the garden. Small ornamentals, perennials, vegetables and flower seedlings will all be at the Saturday’s market.

The Tamahere Market is held on the third Saturday of every month in the St Stephen’s Church grounds, crn Tamahere Drive and Airport Rd. It opens at 8am and goes through until 1pm. Click here for more details including map directions.

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