Fluoride survey in post


Waikato district’s near 2500 users of Hamilton city’s water will get a chance to have their say on the controversial issue of the supply’s fluoridation.

The Waikato District Council will this week post surveys to the affected ratepayers in the south and west of the district to ensure their views on fluoride are also considered.

The Hamilton City Council is conducting a referendum in the city at the same time as the upcoming local body elections, following its decision earlier this year to remove fluoride from its public water supply.

Tamahere properties, along with others in Matangi, Puketaha, Gordonton and Te Kowhai, receive water from Hamilton city through an arrangement with the district council. The water is supplied through the district council’s reticulation network.

The district survey will use the same wording as Hamilton’s referendum to ensure the voices of all ratepayers who receive water from Hamilton city are heard, the council said.

Results will shared with Hamilton City Council by the October 12 election day.

WDC Chief Executive Gavin Ion said the council was keen to ensure its 2,500 affected ratepayers also had the opportunity to share their views on whether fluoride should or should not be added to the public water supply.

“This is a matter of high public interest and our council considers it important the views of our district’s residents who are affected by Hamilton City Council’s decision to remove fluoride from the water supply are also considered alongside the city’s referendum on fluoride.”

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