Doggy do raises stink


Dog droppings have raised a stink in the neighbourhood.

Unhappy encounters with the canine landmines has brought a plea for dog owners to clean up after their pets.

“We take pride in our 200m road frontage which we mow more than once a week,” a Pencarrow Rd resident told Tamahere Forum.

“Recently we have been disturbed to find some dog owners are not cleaning up after their dogs. We have no problem with dogs exercising on our grass frontage but we do not like the smell of our mower in the garage after we encounter the dog toilet our lawn has become.”

The problem is occurring on many properties in Pencarrow Rd, and possibly elsewhere in Tamahere.

He has made a plea for dog owners to carry a plastic bag with them on their walks so they can pick up the doggy do and dispose of it responsibly.

One thought on “Doggy do raises stink

  • November 5, 2013 at 12:07 pm


    Thank you for publishing this, we have found this to be a problem in Birchwood Lane as well.

    Cleaning up a young child who has trod in a canine landmine is not very pleasant for the child or the parent.

    Also I would ask that dog owners be in control of their pets, as it is quite terrifying when you see a dog running towards your young child with no owner in sight.


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