Pickering Rd-SH 1 design on show


An information day to explain the design changes to the Pickering Rd intersection with the Waikato Expressway will be held on Tuesday, February 4 from 2-7pm in the Tamahere Community Centre.

Pickering Rd area residents have been concerned about a lack of consultation over the shifting of access from Pickering Rd to Tamahere Drive, originally planned to be a bridge over the expressway, now a tunnel under SH1.

Pickering Rd access to SH1 will be closed from February 10 to July 22.

Road building contractor HEB told residents the information day would be an opportunity to learn about the design changes, see the most up-to-date landscape designs, and for the design team to get public feedback.

David Loe
David Loe
HEB representative David Loe also said that detour signs for the five month road closure would redirect drivers to use Hautapu Rd to access SH1.

Click the following link for a map of the detour (PDF): Pickering Road closure detour map

Options were also being considered for some residents close to the current intersection to have access to SH1 through the construction area, Loe said.

However, it may not be available from February 10 because of the time needed to design a safe crossing.

HEB followed up a December 19 public meeting prompted by residents’ concerns with a series of written questions and answers raised at the meeting.

Click the following link for the Q&A (PDF): Pickering Road Q&A

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