A road by any other name


Roads – where they are going, how they are changing and what to call them. They’re all hot topics in Tamahere.

Tamahere Community Committee members Leo Koppens, centre, and Maggie Wilcock, right, at the NZTA information day
Tamahere Community Committee members Leo Koppens, centre, and Maggie Wilcock, right, at the NZTA information day

For those unable to get along to the recent information day on the controversial Pickering Rd intersection on the Waikato Expressway, NZTA has provided an online resource of the material provided on the day.

Meanwhile, an appeal for road name ideas for our patch has largely gone unheeded. But who wouldn’t want their nearest and dearest immortalised in tarmac?

For maps and other details of the Pickering Rd intersection click here but note that it is a large PDF of around 9MB.

A good way to keep up with updates of Expressway progress is via here on NZTA’s dedicated Waikato Expressway Facebook page.

What’s in a name?

At its February meeting, the Tamahere Community Committee noted that it had received only one response to a request for a pool of suitable names for new Tamahere roads. So, here’s another chance to stamp your idea on posterity.

Feel a significant, local, historic event needs a lasting memorial in Tamahere?

Consider that you or your kin have made a substantial contribution to the area that should be recognised?

Road names are often a way to cement a place in the history books and the Waikato District Council is keen to have a pool of names to call on that has the community seal of approval.

The council put in a request at the November meeting of the Tamahere Community Committee for a list of preferred road names for Tamahere. In turn, the committee decided to call on residents for suggestions.

A number of Tamahere roads already have historic significance, mostly honouring early settlers. Check the list here on the Cambridge Museum website to see how roads like Hooker, Pencarrow and Pickering got their names.

Once an approved list of names is in place, subdivision developers are invited to choose from the list, though they can request other names but these must be run by the community committee.

The council guidelines for choosing road names stipulates that they not duplicate existing names throughout the Waikato, are brief, usually one word and around 12 to 15 characters long, and that historical factors, natural features and outstanding events or people be considered.

Email your road name suggestions to Tamahere Forum and we’ll pass them on to the committee. Click here to email Tamahere Forum.

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