Deal hangs on Icepak site


An agricultural-based company is making a bid for the disused Icepak Coolstores site in central Tamahere.

Real estate agent Allan Mark, of Commercial Property Brokers, who brokered the conditional deal said the company proposed to have “low impact” warehousing and administration buildings on the 2.5ha Devine Rd site, largely unused since the fatal 2008 fire.

Mark, a Tamahere resident, said the company, which he declined to name, would have to “go through a lot of hoops” before the deal could be finalised.

The prospective owners, who are believed to have offered around a $1 million for the bare block studded with thick concrete pads from the coolstores previously on the site, propose to contact neighbours and the Waikato District Council soon, he said.

The block has been zoned residential since soon after the fire, which killed firefighter Derek Lovell, after Icepak and the council negotiated a deal for the coolstore company to give up resource consents that allowed them to use the area for commercial purposes.

A resource consent process would be required, Mark said, and because of the proximity to SH 1 the company was likely to have to seek NZTA involvement, too.

The proposed use of the site, adjacent to Tamahere School and homes, would not generate a lot of traffic, he said.

“There’s a lot of work to be done on it,” Mark said. “It could be the end of June of July before anything happens.”

It’s understood Icepak originally hoped to sell the property for around $2 million but Mark said the company had “got real” about price late last year and reduced its asking price to around $1 million.

Because of the property’s tragic history there was limited interest in it, he said.

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