Survey checks satisfaction


The Waikato District Council’s annual resident satisfaction survey kicks off this week.

People living in all 10 Wards of the Waikato district will be randomly selected to take the survey, telephoned and asked their opinions on a wide range of issues related to the council and its services.

Interviewing for the survey begins on Friday, April 4, and is expected to be completed by Sunday, April 13.

Council Chief Executive Gavin Ion said the survey was a way to track how well the council’s efforts were carrying through to residents.

“As a Council it’s vital that we continually measure our effectiveness and how well we are representing the wishes and viewpoints of our residents. Understanding our ratepayers’ opinions and needs will allow the council to be more responsive,” he said.

The results from the survey will be used in the council’s annual report and as part of future business planning.

The National Research Bureau, an independent market research company offering specialised services to Local Authorities throughout New Zealand, is conducting the survey.

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