Rural cyclists’ views sought


Do you cycle on rural roads – for commuting, recreation or training?

The Waikato Regional Council is carrying out research on rural road cycling which will be used to inform future safety work in the region.

The council has been interviewing key stakeholders and now, via an online survey open until April 11, is seeking feedback from the broader cycling public who use Waikato rural roads.

Rural roads are defined as those with a speed limit of 80kp/h or above.

If this relates to you, take 10 minutes to complete the survey here.

The survey will run until April 11.

2 thoughts on “Rural cyclists’ views sought

  • April 8, 2014 at 9:24 am

    Some years ago I was investigating cycling in USA. There was a saying they had about cars and cycles on the same roads – it was: “There are two types of cyclists – those who have had accidents and those who were going to have accidents”. ie: Cars and cycles on the same roads just do not seem to mix and despite all sorts of rules a regulations cycles always come off second best – and they couldn’t work out why people couldn’t seem to see this. The only safe way to use cars and cycles was to separate them – but the question was ‘Who is going to pay’. And this seems to yet be resolved – which is why there has been so little progress. Cyclists insist on being able to use roads – which they don’t pay anything for, and motorists are not interested in paying for separate cycle ways. Until this is addressed there seems to be no progress.

    • April 9, 2014 at 12:10 pm

      Hi Barry, I can’t go with the user pay arguement. I like most cyclists am a motorist too. I do 50,000ks per year & my car does some road damage- I do a lot less on my bike & the road damage is virtually nil…so I will pay for the road if my bike causes road wear? Most cyclists are just asking to share the road we already pay for as a motorist & tax payer from the general tax fund. I would gladly pay whatever fee deemed reasonable for cycling if it meant I was safe, roads were better & some motorists treated me as a genuine road user – not a target to push off the road when I ride carefully & courteously. I pay a whole bunch of tax for things I don’t use & that’s a socialist society. I pay for prisons, police, justice system, social welfare benefits, schools & universities (I have no kids) and regretably also healthcare for obese, smoking people who don’t exercise or take care of themselves. User pay is a nonsense in this whole thing. It’s about being a respectable human being & sharing the road. Yes there are bad cyclists out there giving us a bad name but they well out-numbered by the bad motorists I see daily in my 50,000ks+ of travelling I do each year in my car. Tolerance, driver and cyclist education combined with some good infrastructure will go a long way. Attitudes need to change on both sides (and there shouldn’t be sides either!) Perhaps we put kids on bikes to get to school again – in those days we had heaps of cyclists every day who usually took up the entire road in streams going to and from our high schools, hardly any accidents and a lot more tolerance and everyone was in less of a hurry. Then when they get in a car they have a little more of an idea about how to drive whilst considering the other vulnerable road users.


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