Guts spilled at boat ramp


A large number of gutted fish strewn in the shallow water near the Tamahere boat ramp has disgusted a local man.

Gutted fish dumped by the Tamahere boat ramp
Gutted fish dumped by the Tamahere boat ramp

Owen Trolove was taking a short stroll on the riverbank alongside the boat ramp near the Narrows Bridge on Tuesday afternoon when he spotted up to 30 gutted fish rotting in the shallows.

He hopes someone might have seen who dumped the fish so the practice can be stopped.

“There was probably 20 or 30 fish frames there polluting the water,” he told Tamahere Forum.

Trolove said it’s not the first time fish have been dumped at the Waikato River spot. He chanced on the same scene six or so months ago.

Trolove informed the Waikato Regional Council about the recent dumping but the council needs witnesses to the event and something that might identify the perpetrators such as a vehicle number plate.

When Tamahere Forum checked out the boat ramp area today, large numbers of gutted fish, many of them apparently schnapper, were still spread over a large area of the river bed south of the boat ramp in water that ranged from about 25cm deep to around 1m deep. They were highly visible in the clear water with many just a metre from dry land.

If anyone has any clues as to why the fish were dumped or who might have done it contact Tamahere Forum in the first instance by commenting below or send an email by clicking here.

The fish frames were spread over a wide area
The fish frames were spread over a wide area

One thought on “Guts spilled at boat ramp

  • April 22, 2014 at 11:24 am

    So pleased you have raised this issue. I also saw a few of these floating around during Easter weekend and its not the only time I have observed this over the last 5 years.


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