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Running a shelter for dogs is addictive, says Cherie Baker.

Cherie Baker and two of her wee waifs in need of adoption
Cherie Baker and two of her wee waifs in need of adoption

Cherie takes in canines from all over the North Island and they arrive at her Gordonton property in all stages of health. “It can be pretty sad. But it’s nice when they become healthy again.”

She started the shelter two years ago after helping foster a few dogs, reports Tamahere Forum‘s sister community website Number 8 Network.

“You come across dogs in pounds having puppies. People need to step up and be responsible and start de-sexing their pets. It is expensive, but there are organisations out there that can help.”

Every fortnight Number 8 Network will run Dog Love, a special feature on the worthy hounds to be found at Cherie’s shelter, and try to help find a home for them.

Meet Jack

The fun and charming Jack.
The fun and charming Jack.

This week’s hound in need of a home is Jack, a loveable, fun and charming foxy, who is as bright as a button.

At 4 to 5 years old, this little fella has had quite a hard life but despite this he is an awesome companion and enjoys the outdoors, Number 8 Network reports.

There’s only so much one person can do, but Cherie does the best she can.

“When they come into my care, I worm them, register them, microchip and desex them. They get their vaccinations and are deflead before they find a new home.”

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